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LiuAn JiaRui Powder Metallurgy Co.,Ltd, private stock-enterprise based on high quality magnetite source. JiaRui is carrying out the 28,000t reduction iron powder project, which will help JiaRui become the leading enterprise to produce reduction iron powder from magnetite in China. Phaseó˝of the project was finished in Dec of 2008, which has been put into production now with annual production of 7000t.

With reserved 40 million ton magnetite, JiaRui mainly produce high grade iron powder applied in powder metallurgy, soft magnet, and welding, by advanced reverse flotation technology, solid carbon reduction in tunnel kiln and fine reduction in electric furnace.

Main equipments include flotation and drying line with annual output of 50,000t ultra pure iron concentrate powder, 4 tunnel kilns of 116m, 4 steel-belt iron powder reduction furnaces, and 2 annealing furnaces. JiaRui covers an area of 15,200sq.m.
Powder grades: JHY80.23 /JHY100.23 /JHY100.24 /JHY100.25 /JHY200.23 /JHY200.25 /JHY300 /JHY400 /JHY500, which can also be produced to customerí»s requirements.

JiaRui will strive to provide high quality powders and service on the base of rich magnetite sources.
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